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Persuasion Vs Manipulation

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Persuasion and Manipulation may sometimes be confused to be the same thing. However, the two may be different in a way. Persuasion involves the use of facts by an individual whereas manipulation may involve leaving out of relevant information or omission of facts. The difference in outcome between the two is in most instances confusing. The similarity between manipulation and manipulation is that the persuader or the manipulators both want a person to do something. The benefits in persuasion may be enjoyed by both the persuader and the one being persuaded. The benefits of manipulation, on the other hand, goes o the manipulator. A person who influences others needs skills to do this. The same case applies for those who like manipulating others to do certain things. They do need skills to do this. Sometimes it becomes very difficult and tricky for people to differentiate between manipulation and persuasion. This is very common in sales. Most customers think that all or most salesmen are manipulators and just want to make people buy from them. However, this is not always the case. Some salesmen or ladies are very honest and try hard to be persuasive though they are viewed as manipulators

Persuasion Vs Manipulation: The Art of Persuasion

Persuasion is positive ways of making individuals do something for the benefit of the one persuading and the one being persuaded. It involves honesty. Fact are told and presented. For an individual to succeed in convincing another, it is critical to have knowledge of what you are persuading a person about. The essence and importance of this are to see to it that one can answer all questions asked. One must also be prepared to do a lot of talking as this is required for one to persuade others. One also needs to be positive minded. This helps one to remain focused in representing all facts to convince individuals. Persuasion is thus a process that involves integrity as one does not lie.

Persuasion Vs Manipulation: The Art of Manipulation

Manipulation is a process that involves lying to others to make them do what one wants. The manipulator in most cases does not use facts. They may also have the tendency of leaving out relevant information and facts when explaining things to others. Diversion is the primary technique that individuals who manipulate others use. They use it to avoid answering questions asked when their explanations seem vague or unclear.

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